Bats Stuck in My Michigan Chimney, How to Get Them Out in Time for Santa?

Kalamazoo bats are often found in chimneys because of security and easy entry/exit. Within the Michigan chimney walls, the bats are kept safe from predators and are able to have pups. If you believe bats are occupying your chimney, there are several things you can do about it. First off is to ascertain their presence.

Look for signs

Some of the signs proving their presence include:

  • The smell of guano when near the fireplace
  • Sighting of bats leaving or entering the chimney
  • Squeaks and rustling coming from the fireplace
  • Seeing a bat in the living areas of a chimney

  • If any or all of these signs is confirmed, then you should start by excluding the Kalamazoo bats. Install exclusion equipment

    Funnels, window screens and netting are some effective exclusion devices. They are installed at entry and exit points. They contain a passage that will allow the bats to leave but not return to the chimney. It is best to leave the exclusion devices for some days to ensure all bats have left. Once the chimney is clear the building is sealed to prevent re-entry of the bats.

    Seal the Michigan building

    Sealing can be done in a day and is easier than exclusion. To prevent the Michigan bats from coming back into the chimney, it is best to install a chimney cap. It is important to ensure that there are no remaining bats before sealing to avoid trapping them inside. This will starve them to death and leave you with additional problems to deal with.


    When the Kalamazoo chimney is vacant you can proceed to clean it. Biological matter including guano and spat left behind by the Michigan bats may attract other unwanted animals. Dead bats may attract flies, maggots, rats or cockroaches so it is important to ensure their carcasses are removed.

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