Do Michigan Raccoons Make Better Pets Than Dogs or Cats?

Kalamazoo raccoons are the most familiar animals which a lot of people won't regard as the exotic pets, however they are a lot different than other domestic animals. While few people consider that keeping a wild animal such as sugar gliders can be a fun experience, but it is very far from this. wild animals must never be plucked out from the natural home and pushed to spend rest of their lives in human made homes. Before snagging any of such adorable trashy pandas and making them live in your home, have a second and read this why raccoons are a horrible pet.

They Can Be Destructive AF, They Pee On Every Other Thing You

Unknowingly, for a Michigan creature which faces no issues in eating out from the public dumpsters, raccoons are actually gross. They are able of breaking into every kind of human mad container like trashes. They may pee on your beds or furniture and can be quite destructive at your home.

Your Kalamazoo Raccoon May Bite You Every Other Second

Never get fooled, these little critters aren't timid. They bite every other second. They can be very aggressive, particularly during the mating season. Bites can be due to unhappiness or aggression, or may be because of no evident reason. Even incomplete grooming can cause bites, thus these animals aren't recommended to be kept as pets.

Raccoons Are Famous for Carrying Infectious Diseases

Another big reason of avoiding to keep at your Michigan home is encounter of diseases as who knows what they are carrying with them. Michigan raccoons are famous to carry various bacteria and viruses which can be dangerous for both animals and humans. They account for almost 30% of total rabies cases within the America, second after the bats.

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