What Works to Repel Kalamazoo Rats? Mothballs or Ammonia? The Answer Will SHOCK You!

Mothballs and Kalamazoo Rats:

The Michigan people believe that there is a negative relationship between mothballs and Michigan rats. In fact, the people in antique days used mothballs or ammonia to run mouse out of their food storage places and homes. However, in this modern and digital world, there are many experiments over mothballs and their smell to irritate rats. Usually, it is a big truth that mothballs or ammonia will never affect rats and these products are less efficient repellants to make rats run away.

Why Using Mothballs?

There are many considerations and acts behind using mothballs as rat repellant. Usually, the people still believe in string smell of mothballs. They consider this strong smell can be unpleasant and irritating for rats. But, reality is different than perceptions and thinking of these people. Rats don't have any threat to their smelling sense or health by mothball or ammonia. That is why; these repellants don't work and give any notable success against rats.

Perceptions of the People:

Every human being owns his/her personal perception about rat repellants. Most Kalamazoo people believe in smell and taste of mothballs. They think these chemical pesticides are enough strong that rats can make run just with smell of these products. Secondly, they feel smell of mothballs quite irritating and strong. So, they have same beliefs that rats will never feel it good and they will move away from mothballs.

Do Mothballs Work Well?

There is not a single report over effectiveness, efficiency and best results of mothballs against Michigan rats. In fact, these products don't have huge and intensive impacts on rat's health. So, you will fail completely if you are using mothballs to repel and make rats run of your attic.

Should You Use Mothballs?

Many Kalamazoo people are still asking whether they should use mothballs or ammonia anymore for making Michigan rats run or not. Of course, mothballs will waste your time and money and you will never get any notable result.

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